If somebody upsets you, is harassing you or goes against our site policies, please report the incident to Admin

We are going to be improving the report a player feature so that you're able to flag it as either irritating/annoying, offensive/abusive or harassment or "Other".

What happens when a player or incident is reported?

How long is a chat suspension?

Chat suspensions will vary depending on circumstances that we prefer not to reveal (because we don't want mischievous people to make careful plans before being mischievous).

However, we will reveal that chat suspensions will relate to the player experience and the incident itself - the shortest chat suspensions will be for new players who are new to the site and may not have understood what is expected where it is a minor incident, whereas a player who obviously knows very well what they are doing or has purposefully intended to offend others, will receive a much longer chat suspension.

Most importantly, chat suspensions will grow in length for people who continue to go against site policies and repeat the problem.... for example, if a player has been briefly suspended from chat for being abusive and is then abusive afterwards, subsequent chat suspensions will multiply and could very quickly become permanent in extreme cases.

We all want to have fun and to joke around, tease each other and enjoy ourselves but we also want to stamp out abusive behaviour and sniping etc.

It is key that players support the admin team by letting us know when others are being abusive so that we can make sure the site is fun and enjoyable for everybody, whilst also exercising a degree of tolerance when things don't quite go our way.


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