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Welcome to Triple is a very popular variant of the free Yatzy dice game, and we have it here at Start playing triple yahtzee for free.

What is Triple Yahtzee?

The game is played using the same turn rules as regular yatzy - on each turn you start with five dice and roll them all. After your first roll, you may decide to reroll any of the dice on a second roll, and again on a third roll. After the third roll, you must accept your dice and then place them on your scorecard. So far this is the same as regular. But in triple the scoring is handled differently. You have three game rounds open on the scorecard and you may place your scores in any of the open slots at any point. You do not need to finish round one before placing your scores in round two or three, for example.

The twist to this scoring rule is that the scores for each round are multiplied by the round number - so scores for round two are doubled and all the scores for round three are tripled. The full triple yahtzee rules can be found by logging-in to the site.

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Advantages of Triple Yahtzee

Having three rounds of score slots available makes an interesting dynamic to the game and in some ways makes it much more forgiving than the regular rule set. If you don't have a good dice roll, it's ok, you have more 'dump' spaces available to place the poor score in, and thus a bad turn is not a total catastrophe.

As you have more turns too, 39 turns in total, there is a much higher chance of scoring multiple yahtzees and it's always fun and enjoyable to have five dice of the same number so you can shout that beautiful phrase at the top of your voice!

It is also very likely that you will score all of the low straights, high straights and full houses, whereas in a regular game you may miss those and it can be very frustrating.

Disadvantages of playing Triple Yahtzee

The downside is that many people should end up with a very similar strategy, more so than with regular, and choices are generally simpler. You're really going to score big points in the third round as much as possible. Ironically, whilst bad luck is mitigated by extra turns, the winner will probably be whoever has consistently high-scoring dice, rather than who is able to work out the probabilities the best.

In summary, I would say triple is an easier game than regular, bit more relaxed and less punishing and less frustrating. It's a good game to play if you have a bit of time available and want to relax with friends or by yourself.

Here at, we have many variants of yahtzee available to play. We also have tournaments, custom dice and farkle!

Play Free Online Triple Yahtzee Now!

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