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Nationality: British

Education: Left school at 18

Residence: No fixed country of residence

Background & Experience: Kal has been working for 9 years developing websites for one of the world's largest yacht charter companies and also has several years working developing web applications on a freelance basis. Kal built the site as a private project in the Autumn of 2006, and it turned into what it is today. Kal started-off working in a toy shop and later became an IT trainer through chance and his love of working with people.

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FreeTheDice responsibilities: Project Management / Design & Development / Manager

ADMIN Lara (inactive)

FreeTheDice responsibilities: Lara was the main moderator and leader of community support here at but has now moved on to pastures new.

ADMIN Grace (inactive)

Nationality: Filipino

Residence: Philippines

FreeTheDice responsibilities: Grace is the dice admin and she is responsible for approving your dice. Grace was always here, even in typhoons or during festivals, her birthday or at Christmas, but she has had a child and now devotes her time to her family.

ADMIN Inqov69 (inactive)

Nationality: British

Education: Unknown

Residence: Unknown

Background & Experience: Likes to remain mysterious

FreeTheDice responsibilities: Founding member, source of good ideas and occasional moderation of His whereabouts are mostly unknown.

ADMIN Cath (inactive)

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Background & Experience: Cath has moderated for other online communities in the past, and has also previously had her own websites, so Cath is very qualified. She joined the team in March and has since become a very valuable member of the admin team.

FreeTheDice responsibilities: Cath has moved on to other projects since her time here at Cath was mainly responsible for player support, moderation and other maintenance tasks.

ADMIN Mary (inactive)

Nationality: French

Education: University

Residence: Unknown

Background & Experience: Mary created many sets of dice for the players to use for free, whilst teaching herself graphics design and also contributed massively to in-game testing and getting the community off-the-ground in the first place. She was here at the beginning but has since moved on to other things.

FreeTheDice responsibilities: In-game testing, site launch and creation of many dice sets.


Zak was a friend who helped us out briefly a few years ago, the account is now a testing account for when we release new features and need to test them out. ZakMc takes his name from Zak McKrakken, an excellent computer game character.


We did have a group of Volunteers that used to work on the site, but this account is now used as the FREETHEDICE.COM BOT.

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