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To navigate around, you should use the menu at the top. This is a drop-down menu, neatly organised to help you find your way around easily and conveniently. Below, we outline all of the menu options and what they do.

My Yahtzee

  • View/Edit Profile: your personal details can be edited within the profile area. This comes under My Yahtzee on the main menu and yhere you can alter details about your age, gender, location and add an 'about me' description as well as upload a photo of yourself, which can also be password protected so that only the people who you give permission to, can see it. Finally, you can also see your stats from your game-playing on this screen.
  • View/Change Dice: one of the most enjoyable parts of is changing your dice around. Some people like to try for a change of fortune or to 'freshen up' by changing their dice. You can do this also under the My Yahtzee section.
  • Friends and Foes: all communities have good and bad sides to them. From time-to-time people decide that they cannot bear to be around each other and so we have a Foes section where you can add these people to an ignore list of sorts. On the contrary, if you have made friends with somebody, you may add them to your friends list here too.
  • Settings/Config: here you can change the appearance of the website to suit you. If you find the text a little bit too small, or too bright, you can change the colours and sizes here.

Play - Games Hall

  • Play Yahtzee: this is the previously famous games-hall. On this page, you can chat with the other players that are currently online, start new games and also see which games are starting already and then join them.
    Joining Games: once you have joined a game, the game-creator must click to accept you into that game. You will receive a notification when this happens, and you must then click to confirm that you are ready to play. Once you have done this, the game creator can begin the game with all of the players who are ready. Once this happens, you will be forwarded to the in-game screen.
    In-game screen: on this screen you will be able to see all of the players scorecards, roll your dice and select dice to hold, as well as chat with all of the players during the game. To switch each player's scorecard on/off, just click on his score to the right of his name on the right-hand side.
  • Create New Multiplayer Game: here you will be able to create games for yourself or for many players to participate in. There is a host of options available to you. You should remember that being the creator of a game does not entitle you to any special privileges once the game has begun.
  • My Active Games/History: this is a list of all of your games that you have played, with the scores and players involved in each, sorted by the most recent first.
  • Tournament: any information about upcoming or current tournaments will be available here.

The rest

Please feel free to explore the other areas of the site. They are mostly self-explanatory.

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