Painted Yahtzee Tournament for July 2023 - PRESS RELEASE


Subject: FREETHEDICE.COM Are Hosting A Global Painted Yahtzy Tournament

Painted is a well-known alternative rule set to the traditional game yahtzy. The game uses five dice with different coloured faces that creates a wider range of permutations than the original and even though each round consists of 19 turns rather than 13, the game feels much tighter. At first it seems that the game relies on luck but the best players will really end up winning, it is an intriguing challenge.

The tournament at allows players from all over the world to compete together across time zones using an old school, relaxed style of gaming.

Key Tournament Details:

Date: Saturday, July 8th, total time can be up to 3 weeks, requires at least one login per every 2 days to complete games.
Registration: Players must register online at before the tournament start time.
Entry Fee: FREE
Eligibility: Open to all players, regardless of location, age or skill level.

On Saturday the tournament entrants will be split up into groups according to timezone. Then players will have two days to arrange times to play their opponents. If they are unable to complete their turns it is ok, the games will be converted to solitaire games so players can play individually and at the end the player who scored the highest will be deemed the winner.

The players with the best performances in each group will progress to the next round and so on until there is a winner!

The winner will win the glory of being the Painted Champion of FreeTheDice, one month subscription to the site, free virtual dice set, and will be able to have a dice design of their choice converted into a media clip of the dice rolling along.

To secure your place, visit, register to the site and then click the link to join the tournament before the event starts. Log in again on Saturday to find out who you will be playing against and how to play.

And remember, Farkle, Yahtzee, Painted Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee can all be played here at Click here to start playing today!


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