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What is a game of Yahtzee? (aka Yatzy)

Yatzy is a dice game played with one or more players. Each player has to roll dice to try to score as many points as they can by rolling specific combinations of dice. Players take turns to roll five dice and may have up to two re-rolls to roll any number of the dice that they are not happy with, but after three rolls in total, the player must place his score on the scorecard based on the combination of dice, and score points accordingly. The winner is the player who has the highest number of points at the end of the game.

Who made Yahtzee? and When was Yahtzee invented?

The story is quite well-known. It's a great story. A Canadian couple invented the game and its rules so that they had a game to play on their yacht. They called it Yacht Game. They eventually approached a game publisher, E.S. Lowe and asked him to produce some copies for them. He bought the rights from them and gave them 1,000 copies of the game as payment. In 1956 E.S. Lowe trademarked the name Yahtzee and worked on how to better market the game until it was bought by Milton Bradley in the 1970s and later bought by Hasbro.

Where can I play Yahteze online for free?

There are many websites that have simple, solitaire versions of Yahtzee and a couple that have multiplayer versions for you to play against other people. Here at freethedice you may play either multiplayer or solitaire. Click the button below to register (for free) with us and start playing right away!

How do I play Yahtzee online with friends?

Play here with us at! All you need to do is click below to register and then you will be automatically logged-in and can start playing. We also have other variants of yahtzee, and even farkle.

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Is Yahtzee a multiplayer or solitaire game?

The game is best enjoyed with other players. The game can actually cater for any number of players at any one time, but I'd recommend somewhere between two and four players, or even alone if you enjoy trying to beat your own highest ever score.


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