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Policies and Guidelines

Freethedice.com Site Policies and Guidelines (rules)


Freethedice.com is not only an online yahtzee game site, it is also an online community, so we require players to register (for free) in order to join in the fun. Only one registration is permitted per person at any one time.

All users must be at least 13 years old to be able to register with freethedice.com as per the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

Community Etiquette

There is really only one requirement of the site and community: please be civil to each other :) Players who are not civil may be suspended from chatting in games hall and games and/or removed from the community altogether in extreme cases.

The words "be civil" are really open to interpretation, so we have put together a list of guidelines of CANs, DONOTs and HOWEVERs:

CANbe funny, witty, instigate chat, tell jokes, make discreet innuendos
CANchat about almost anything
DO NOTuse offensive or abusive language or strong profanities
DO NOTinsult others, put others down, make clear sexual/dirty jokes
DO NOTdiscuss intimate, sexual details that are not appropriate for children to hear
DO NOTmake racist, sexist, discriminative comments
DO NOTthreaten anybody
HOWEVERif you want to share dirty jokes with your friends or share adult-talk, then start a new game and mark it as an "adult only game"
DO NOTuse retaliation as an excuse to be offensive or abusive to other players - Report others to admin if they are bothering you
CANmake jokes among friends, tease your friends
DO NOTattempt to antagonise, insult, defame, put-down other players in any way
IF IN DOUBTask yourself, "could this upset that person?" If yes, don't say it
CANchat in any language you like, provided it is not offensive in given language
CANdominate if nobody else is chatting, feel free to get things moving
DO NOTflood the chat areas if it means that others cannot participate
DO NOTpurposefully circumvent the language filter to display offensive or abusive language
DO NOTconsistently write in ALL CAPITALS (it is considered to be shouting)
HOWEVERit is ok to SHOUT occasionally if appropriate to the situation
CANlightly discuss politics, religion, life views
CANdiscuss your own personal life experiences, misfortunes, hobbies, sadnesses, happinesses, bad luck, successes, good luck, achievements, etc
CANdisagree with or contradict other peoples views or stories
DO NOTdiscredit, mock, ridicule, insult others for their beliefs or views
DO NOTaggressively promote any religious or political organisations
DO NOTask for personal donations of financial or other means
HOWEVERif a discussion begins to get heavy then take responsibility and either stop debating/discussing OR if everybody involved agrees, you may create a game to continue your debate there or continue via PM
EXAMPLEIt is OK to say "MrX, I thought you were going to your Dad's birthday party today, but you're playing Yahtzee, I am surprised to see you!" but NOT OK to say "MrX, you are a liar!!"
EXAMPLEIt is OK to say "MrsZ, you resigned from our game, is everything ok?" but NOT OK to say "Never play with MrsZ she always resigns!!" (if that's the case, report it to admin)
EXAMPLEIt is OK to say "MrT, I don't agree with you that cats are wonderful, I don't like cats, their wee wee kills my flowers!" but NOT OK to say "MrT, you are a cretin for liking cats!!" (Kal likes all animals, except ones that bite him)
CANdiscuss your games, the results, the players and how they played
DO NOTattempt to discredit, mock, ridicule other players
DO NOTaccuse others of cheating (discuss it with admin!) or negatively affecting your game
DO NOTpressure/hound other players if you were kicked from a game
HOWEVERif you feel others are playing discourteously or negatively affecting your game somehow, please report it to admin
CANof course make friends and get to know others away from the site IF both people want to
DO NOTpush other people to give out their personal details, respect their privacy
DO NOTshare any sensitive, personal, contact details of other people
CANdiscuss (positively/negatively) other websites/businesses as part of a conversation
DO NOTactively promote/advertise/insult other websites/businesses
HOWEVERif you would like to engage in promotion of other websites/charities/organisations, please contact Admin and we will arrange an advertising package for you
CANsend private messages to other players without discrimination
DO NOTcontinue to send private messages to players who have expressed that they do not wish to be contacted
CANcreate your own games with your own game names and choose who to accept into your games
DO NOTaccept or decline a player based on their affiliations outside of freethedice.com
DO NOTcreate offensive, antagonistic or abusive game names
HOWEVERit is strongly recommended if you have somebody in mind for your games, either create a private game or state this in the game name (i.e. this game is for Admin Kal only)
CANcreate a game with your own variation of the rules or using alternative rules
IN WHICH CASEyou should explain the rules fully and get agreement of each player in the game creation screen BEFORE accepting players into your game
DO NOTpublicly chastise for not following the rules, please report it to admin OR politely discuss it through private messaging with the player directly
CANcreate your own player-run tournaments for everybody to join (this includes creating Royal Yahtzee Games)
DO NOTdiscriminate against individuals by preventing them from joining the tournament (or Royal Yahtzee game)
HOWEVERif you wish to set up a friends-only tournament then set each game up as a private game and invite players individually, so that others players are not discriminated against, except with Royal Yahtzee Games which must always be publicly accessible
CANkick anybody from a game if the kick timer has been set, whether you are the host of the game or not
DO NOTreact angrily or aggressively if you are kicked from a game
HOWEVERit is possible to create games with up to 5 minutes per turn in a game or even with no kick timer at all
BEAR IN MINDkick timers are there not as a punishment but to allow a game to continue smoothly, everybody will be kicked from a game once in every while, it's part-and-parcel of playing online games
CANseek out new players and welcome them to the community, set up games against them and help them in...we were all first-timers to the site at one point or another :)
CANdiscuss/criticise freethedice.com and make suggestions for improvements
HOWEVERif you have a dispute with us please contact us so that we can discuss it with you directly.
CAN Leave games early if you are not able to complete them because of some practical reason or lost connection or some personal interruption
SHOULD NOT leave a game just because you are losing or having bad luck
CANNOT publicly shame or harass other players who leave games under any circumstances
HOWEVER players who consistently and repeatedly leave tournament games early, because they are losing, may be suspended from entering tournaments for a short time*

Community Moderation*

We do moderate the site, but if you feel somebody has gone against the above site rules or if you take issue with anything somebody else does please do report the incident or the player to admin so that we may resolve it as soon as possible.

Please go to Help->Moderation Policies for more information on how we moderate the site.

* Please note that anybody who is repeatedly suspended from using public areas of the website may also be suspended from tournaments as part of the chat suspension, if it is deemed necessary.

* These rules and policies apply to all players on the website, including subscribers. Players may buy subscriptions to support the site and to obtain additional features and game types to further their enjoyment of the site ONLY. Subscriptions do not guarantee players the right to abuse others or the site policies.

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